Growing up

October 05, 2013

It has been a long time since I've written a personal take on life issues, meeting up with my best friend, Amelia recently has triggered the need and want to talk about growing up. 

Just a fair warning, the rest of the post is mostly my views (typical girl stuff), and loads of ranting, if you're not too interested, time to blog hop to someone else! 

Ame says, growing up makes you lose more friends than you can ever count, more than half the friends you've once had would probably have stopped contacting you, or they just contact you once a year maybe. We realised that there friends whom you have to distant yourself away from only because they aren't good for you, they are the ones who stop you from growing up. Growing up thins your crowd of friends, I agree. 

In my point of view, the ones that stay are the ones that you think are beneficial to your life, they've been someone who made a huge change in you, and they are the ones who will be there for you no matter the time of the day, no matter the issue you're facing. These are the people who will analyse situations with you, tell you the kind of trouble you are in, be straightforward with you. You choose your friends, and honestly, as you grow older you might even lose a few closer friends because when you end up on a different path in life and your views differ, some times everything might just not work out. Life is as such, we might hate whatever that comes, but we move on, because one day, everything might work out once again. 

We treasure the people we love because as each day passes, we know the time we have together becomes lesser, with jobs and relationships, the time left to spend with people we love just seems too limited. 

This best friend of mine, Ame, we've been through so much, and growing up leaves us with the distance (physical distance), and somehow it made me treasure our friendship more. Every time she gets back on a holiday, I would try and spend as much time as I can with her, and often we're left sitting somewhere talking about life, changes, future and more than often, our past. So many years has passed, but I recently found out, we're finally on the same page of life, we finally see things the same, I'm not growing up alone from the rest of my friends. I'm glad that we never run out of things to talk about, that is what the best of friends do, talk about everything under the sun, share life stories, analyse life and plan about the future (not to forget, GOSSIP)

Growing up brings us closer to some, and further from other.

The life of a 21 (and one looking for a job). All the time in the world gives you the opportunity to think about everything in life. What you have installed for your future, what you did in the past, the things you've learnt, and for me, whether my certificate would bring me to my first job and whether it's what I really want in life. Everything becomes real when we grow up, the need to join the rat race, and the 'want' to peel away from the rat race and make it big. 

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