12 Things About Working in an Art Gallery in a Retail Space

December 04, 2013

Working in an art gallery in a retail space, is mainly retail job. This encompasses work life in general, as well as an arts job in a retail space. If you're working in the same line, and you want to add on the list, feel free to comment!! 

1. You'd never feel like your pay is justifiable to your job scope.

In fact, in any other job, you'd always find that your pay is never justifiable to whatever you're doing. It always seems like you are doing more than you're supposed to.

2. Every working day just tires you out.

Just in general. In fact, studying tires us too.

3. You'd always feel that your off-days are never enough.

Because working weekends ain't fun. Everyone's out there enjoying T.G.I.F and their weekends with their loved ones, but working in retail line, means giving up all those luxury and working your a** off whilst others are enjoying.
4. You always look forward to planning an overseas trip.

Who doesn't?!

5. You go home after work with a massive headache.

Provided you're staring at the computer for the whole day, facing an insane influx of crowd at the mall and handling screaming and running kids, as well as people with itchy hands. Not forgetting the contributing factor of a freezing air-conditioning supply for the mall.

6. You plan on what you need to do before going to bed.

Your head just keeps running through the list of things you need to do, causing you to be unable to sleep. This is real discipline to shut your mind off and just go to bed.

7. You leave a long of to-dos on your table before you leave work.

To-do list(S).....

8. Your to-do lists are never ending, and so is your workload.

Every single time you strike some thing off that list, you probably add two other things on that list. It's insanely NEVER ENDING!

9. You sometimes wish that customers wouldn't walk in or even try to strike a conversation with you.

When you're trying to clear some paper work, or when you just feel not up to it. Having an invisibility cloak would be great.

10. You sometimes secretly curse people whilst plastering that fake smile on your face.

Oh yes. That 10th million time you've told some one not to take a picture or touch anything, and they still do it. SMILE, thereafter, curse and swear at that person in your head. Because there are annoying people out there.

11. You love it when people are friendly and making a genuine conversation with you.

These are the customers or people that make your day. It's okay that they might not get anything, but their interest and spark is what keeps the conversation going. Nice people makes your day a 100x better then it would be.
12. You feel like sh*t on your off-days because it never feels like a proper day for resting.

I'm not sure if happens for all retailing job (time for researching), but the one off-day a week just doesn't feel sufficient. Especially when your off-day is a weekday, you can't get anyone to go out, you can't spend time with your loved one (yes, because they have a proper job and rest days on weekends).

Don't be mistaken, I love my job, and I've chosen what I want to do, this is just my realisation from my 1st job, and personal experiences. 

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