Date Day

November 15, 2012

Date day with the boyfriend. Spent the day running errands buying stuff for boyfriend's Taiwan trip.

Let me recommend you guys a place to get winter stuff. Not negative degree kind of place. Just slightly cold places.

Uniqlo has trendy wear that's winter worthy. Not sure if it's counted expensive though. But 2 pairs of thermal socks costs 17 bucks. A inside shirt that's $24.90 and a thermal leggings for $24.90. It's not actually long johns, and the shirt's nice enough to wear as a normal shirt. And it's good because of the wide range of choice of cutting, like turtle neck, and long sleeve and others.

A note though, it's always advisable to buy one that fits just right or is tight, because it helps to keep your body heat!

Had ice cream just cause we walked past the shop and it looked quite cool.
320 degree below is an ice cream shop that makes the ice cream right infront of you using liquid nitrogen.

It looks really beady when it's first made, but in fact the texture is really smooth and the ice cream melts really nicely in your mouth.

It's taste mainly depends on the mixture before the freezing.

Chocolate flavour: 7/10

Still prefer gelato ice creams. No doubt this instant ice cream taste good, but it's expensive too. $4 for one scoop.

Head down to 33 Mackenzie Road, Singapore 228686 to try the ice cream! Just because you've probably not tasted instant ice cream made with liquid nitrogen.

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