Out with the old, In with the new.

January 11, 2013

Even though it's already 2013, but it seems mandatory to have a new year post. It's always nice to sum up the year in a whole, a good way to leave a final mark for that chapter.

2012 was good to me, even though some months were tougher to get by, but eventually though will and much encouragement and companion from friends, I got by fine. The year got by really quickly, and pretty uneventful till the end of the year. Yes, I live the typical mundane lifestyle of a Singaporean young adult (I don't categorize myself under teenager cause I think I've outgrown that), how sad. I haven't had much emotional roller coaster because I'm proud to say, I have a stable relationship (and I love my boyfriend so much). Ignore my sappiness, spending too much time watching sappy korean and taiwan dramas has caused me to be like that.

To the sadness that washed upon my family in the 2012, more happiness would arrive in the coming year.

After all that long ranting.. I have no idea what I've learnt in the past year, except to be strong because it keeps the other party strong (when he's not in town and on course for long). And also, the true meaning of death because finally it gave me a slap in the face, and being strong matters.

So here's to 2012 -


USS for the first time with boyfriend! 
First karaoke session with boyfriend's family for CNY.
Last legion 团拜


Photoshoot session for assignment.


Meeting up a friend after a long time.

After group presentation
Good friend's 21st birthday.


2nd Genting trip with boyfriend!


Diploma graduation show 2012

Conservation internship with best friend


BKK with boyfriend!


NDP Preview with best friend (in the whole wide world)
Boyfriend's 1st phase book out


2nd phase book out, departure to Thailand
NDP fireworks gazing with good friends

Zoo trip with the girls

Good friend's 21st birthday
Best friend's birthday celebration

Trip back to Kuching for a week
Clique dinner! 


Grandma's funeral

Boyfriend's return from Thailand!


Good friend's surprise celebration!


Boyfriend sister's bridal fitting
The wedding day!

Take that 2012!?!??!?
HIT ME with 2013! 

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