She's 21, He's 25!

May 06, 2013

In celebration of my 21st birthday, and boyfriend's 25th birthday. We decided to have a close knit dinner at Pasta Inc. Our favourite italian restaurant. ALL the food there is just delicious for the price that you're paying.  A few recommended dishes though, the crabmeat in pink sauce pasta, vongole pasta, parma ham with melon and lobster bisque (however, not recommended for people who dislike the "fresh" or some may say fishy taste)

To check out their website, click here. There's a full menu inside, and also a contact form for reservations, numbers to call, email addresses to send emails to. 

There were many contemplations to this birthday party because, 1. It's my 21st. 2. I'm not earning money, therefore I can't throw a huge party, because I simply can't afford to 3. Our birthdays are so close, it's sad if only I get the party 4. It's nicer if we combine celebration. So our final decision was just to invite super close friends only, and their plus ones. And we pulled together the planning in about 2 weeks or 3 weeks.

Our ginormous tiramisu cake 

Photo credit: Ian Jeimz

Just in case anyone of you were wondering where we got our awesome tiramisu cake from, it was from Da Paolo Gastronomia, you can order your cake online from here, or just head down to one of their many outlets. They let you customise what you want to write on the cake, and the people at the Great World outlet were so nice about it! They chatted us up, and helped us decorate the cake, however we wanted it to look like. 

Prawn Aglio Olio

Our full attendance! 

My most favourite girls in the world, missing Amelia who's in Perth
Photo credit: Nigel Ng

The Men of the night

Most favourite picture of the night with my best girlfriend

I have to remember this, so I'm writing it down. So apparently my boyfriend and my best friend had a plan up their sleeves, and it was to inform me that she wasn't going to make it down to my birthday party, a week before the party itself. And me being me, I have to admit I was affected by that decision, but I accepted it of course, because she's my best friend and I'd accept anything, whatever her reasons were. 

So their plan went along the line of, she turning up from the back kitchen with our cake. But the funniest thing, she came too early, and she came from the front door, so the surprise level dropped quite a bit. I had to admit though, I was surprised she eventually made it for the dinner, and I was super happy. I felt so blessed to be able to celebrate my birthday with all the people I love, and how much effort my boyfriend put into planning the surprise with my best friend. 

Thank you for making me feel like the most blessed girl in the world.

21st Presents! Only the memorable because of the surprise factors.

Chanel Mat Lumiere Foundation

Came from my 2 best friends, something I urgently needed because I ran out of foundation already, and coincidentally, I was searching to buy the Chanel foundation. It wasn't really coincidental though, because best texted my sister to find out which colour matched my tone and all. And best, being who she was, really blur, contacted my sister SOOOO many times. It was hilarious. Thank you the both of you, my secondary school life wouldn't be as exciting and fun if not for the 2 of you.

Salvatore Ferragamo Wallet

Boyfriend: "I have something for you."Me: "What?!?!? Really?" (In the state of shock because he kept telling me for weeks he didn't get me anything)Boyfriend: "Yeah. I bought you something from Sephora." *Hands me a Sephora paper bag**Opens the bag*Me: "O.M.G. OMG.. You bought me a Salvatore Ferragamo wallet?!?!?"*Opened up the box*Me: "OMG. I LOVE IT!!!!!!!"Boyfriend: "Okay. My heart just stopped for awhile, cause I don't know if you'll like it."

I not just simply liked it, I LOVED IT!!!!! It's super expensive, but also, I've had my eyes on a Ferragamo for quite awhile already, but because the wallet I was using was not in a bad condition, I didn't have a reason to buy a new wallet.

And the thing was, I never told him I've had my eyes set on a Ferragamo wallet. The last time I went shopping with my bestfriends, I went to have a peek at the wallets, but never did I mention it again. And he just went to get me one. Feeling super touched and blessed once again, as I type this.

A pair of S.E.A Aquarium tickets from, Vince

He heard that we've lost our S.E.A Aquarium tickets (but didn't get updates that we later found them back), and thoughtfully bought us a pair of tickets! I totally appreciate the thought, because although he was so busy with army, he still managed to get us a present. So, if you're reading, thank you for being such a sweet friend, and I totally appreciate it. More free entry to places!!!!!!

A deep thank you to all you favourite people for attending both boyfriend's and my birthday celebration. We love all of you! 

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